Business Funding

Affordable Small Business Loans


  • Business Term Loans with personal credit as low as 620
  • Save 20% or more on accounts receivables financing!
  • Cash advance balances consolidated! 
  • New businesses can receive funding!
  • Businesses with tax liens can get funded!
  • Some products have no limit on the funding amounts!
  • Never get charged any upfront fees – only post funding!
  • Programs are available with no credit score minimum!
  • The largest network of funding sources available!
  • Free consultations and valuable advice to our clients!

How to get your business approved for funding?

Step 1: Contact Limonette Now! (973) 792-8375

Step 2: Receive our easy to fill out 1 page application!

Step 3: Send the application in with the following:

For 20% or greater discounts on accounts receivables financing send in the signed application PLUS:

1. The most recent 3 months of accounts receivables reports from your current factoring company (or however many you have)

2. The most recent corporate tax return

3. Current accounts receivables aging

4. Current accounts payable aging

5. Samples of 3 invoices

6. Current financials.

For a loan product of any kind or consolidation send in the signed application PLUS:

1. The most recent 6 months of all business banking statements

2. The most recent 3 years of CPA signed tax returns for the business

3. The most recent year of CPA signed personal tax returns for the business owner(s)

4. An up to date P & L and balance sheet for the business covering the last 12 months

5. Interim Financials (Year to date)

6. A 3 bureau report printout from for all business owners

7. A filled out and signed Guarantor Form

For a revenue factoring or merchant cash advance type product send in the signed application PLUS:

1. The most recent 4 months of all business banking statements

2. The most recent 4 months of all business credit card processing statements

3. A list of any balances owed on existing funding products (if applicable)

Call (973) 792-8375  That’s (973) 792-8375 , or e-mail us right now for more info or for an application and all necessary forms, or you can fill out the contact form to the right and we get back to you soon.

NOTE: If you were contacted by one of our authorized representatives please provide their name if you call in or if you fill out the contact form or email us. If they are not available immediately we will have them get back to you as quickly as is possible. 

Within the Limonette Network there are many different business funding and business loan programs provided by over 100 different private funding institutions, banks and groups that support small to midsize private and public businesses. Below are just some of the types of funding programs offered within our Network.

Some Limonette Funding and Loan Programs

1. Low Rate Accounts Receivables Factoring (20% Plus Savings)

Limonette is partnered with aggressive banks and private lenders that can save your business an average of 20% or more on its accounts receivables factoring costs. If we cannot save you a significant amount of money we won’t even charge your business a fee. That is how confident that we are that we can help you. Imagine saving 20% or more on factoring costs. It is possible. Contact us Now!


2. Interest Rate Loans (Rates 6% – 20% APR – Term of 1 to 5 yrs)

If your business is over 3 years old, and your personal credit is over 620, and if your business shows profit on one the last 2 tax returns and also shows some growth on the current P & L and balance sheet, and if it meets other underwriting criteria, then it may be eligible for an Interest Rate Loan. Funding Amounts from $25,000 to $500,000 or more, dependent upon meeting of certain criteria. Typical amounts range from $50,000 to $500,000 for most businesses (between 20% and 25% of the businesses verified annual revenue). There can be no bankruptcies within the last 7 years. Tax liens must be small and have payment plans in place. And there can no open judgments against the business or its owner.

Click HERE for more information!

3. Bad Credit Loans that report to Experian (Building Business Credit)

These will report to Experian every month and help to build your businesses credit. Minimum 500 FICO score is required. Funding amounts range from $7500 – $100,000.

4. Asset Based Lending

If your business has unencumbered assets such as heavy equipment, vehicles or valuable machinery worth at least $100,000 wholesale, then it may qualify for an asset based loan. Rates are typically between 12% to 18% APR. Owner credit over 620 is usually required.

5. Collateralized Bridge Financing

If you or your business has either commercial or residential developed real estate with sufficient equity in it (not vacant land) then you may be able to use that property as collateral for short term bridge financing with rates as low as 7.5% APR (depending upon personal credit, and property type and value).

6. Cash Advance (Revenue Factoring) Consolidations

If your business is trapped inside of the cash advance or daily ACH repayment cycle we may be able to help get your business out of its daily ACH repayments (even if you have multiple payments being deducted daily). If you as the business owner, and your business qualify, we work with private funding sources that would pay off your existing cash advances or revenue based loan(s) and would either put you in to an 18 month or 2 year, monthly or quarterly payment, and possibly even net you some more working capital in the process. This would free up cash flow and would help you come out from under the choke-hold of single or even multiple daily payments. In order to qualify

7. Hard Money Loans

LendBerry works with lenders and affiliates from around the country and even internationally to find you the right program for getting working capital out of the equity in your developed commercial or residential property.

Contact us now to get a free consultation!

NOTE: All loans and financing are subject to lender approval. Lendberry Inc. makes no guarantees either written or implied that it will secure funding for your business. Your business must meet the criteria and be approved by at least one of our network or affiliate lenders or funding sources. We have a high success rate because we know what can fund and what will not.
Remember, we never charge any upfront fees!

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