Limonette is a full service Consulting firm locates in Irvington, New Jersey. LIMONETTE started in October,2005 as a one stop “Solutions Bank” where Businesses of all type are granted access to quality and affordable financials products ranging from Insurance, Consulting,Tax Resolutions, Equity Management ,Risk Management, PEO Brokerage Services, Business Funding, Loss Recovery and many more. We partner with well know A+ Rated National Insurance carriers and team up with financial services experts ranging from Insurance professionals and advisers to CPA’s and attorneys as our referral partners. We support our clients by providing the most diverse choice of quality products and services utilizing customized needs assessments and audits as a tool to promote our products and services that makes complete sense and are cost effective. We believe in building relationships through strategic partnerships that strengthens our ability to serve our clients as a direct source of solutions which will provide both direct and indirect client satisfaction. Our products and services are uniquely designed where our client’s builds trust in our services by participating in our series of audits at our expense. Our clients do not pay us until their needs have been met and our cost saving strategies have been scheduled to bring them revenue in forms of a refund our value.
In Jan of 2005 Limonette launched its PEO Broker division and has helped hundreds of business to become more profitable by focusing on what makes the company Money. As a PEO Broker we work with business owners to reduce cost, and exposure to liability through a series of Premium and cost Audits designed to work to the favor of the business owner. Our key focus is to provide access to affordable Worker’s Comp, Benefits, OSHA Compliance, ACA compliance, Cost Remediation and Cost Seg studies and Business Funding. We have partnered with 500+ major PEO providers positioned to share Risks with companies of all size and type. We service Clients on a National Level where location is not a constraint. We believe that it costs companies not to do business with Limonette and our existing clients have increased their profit and added values just because they trusted to do business with Limonette. We are able to prove the need to do business with Limonette by providing Risk free no obligation audits where we spend our own money and resources to identify our clients’ needs. Even after our Audits, our clients are free to decide not to do business with us.
Our business model works in a unique way where our services are result driven, where we are only paid on the success of our audits and meeting the needs of our clients. If we can’t help our Clients get back a check or increase values in our series of audits, they do not owe us a penny. Our goal is to become a value-added leader in all programs sponsored or cosponsored by our company. We are commissioned to provide a variety of solutions to individuals and corporations through strategic partnership with industry leaders.


Workers Comp consulting,Financial Planing,Tax Resolution, ,Insurance Adjustment,Cost Remediation,Business Solution Audits,Funding Solutions,Business Continuation Planning.

Hybrid Cost Optimization Plan(HCOP)

  • Workers’ Comp Premium Reduction/Recovery
  • Payroll-Based Specialized Tax Incentives/Credits
  • Property Tax Reduction Mitigation
  • Expense Reductions
  • Benefits Optimization
  • Construction & Purchase Incentives
  • Commercial Insurance Optimization
  • PEO Consulting
  • Risk Management
  • HR Solutions

LIMONETTE is positioned to make a difference by becoming an industry expert and are dedicated towards customized programs designed to aid clients at time of need. We partner with organizations by forming strategic partnerships and drive clients to our networks through the implementation of our Services coupled with 3rd party products and services.

We provide unique financial services for businesses and individuals through A.M Best A+ Rated carriers. The Insurance industry is a fast growing industry, as people needs changes and outgrows the present, insurance becomes a necessity not an option. We utilize our experience to drive positive financial results.

In order to service our clients to our best ability, we begin our services through a series of consultative audits know as discovery Needs assessments. Our audits will capture the exact needs of our clients and help determine scope of work and project expected results.

We focus on individuals and  B2B Relationships with transitional Personal Financial Consultation.

Products and services

Health Benefits
PEO Brokerage
Business Continuation Planning
Retirement Planing
Social Services
Social Security Benefits Planing
Tax Resolutions
Business Process Audits
Professional Liability Insurance
Business Funding
Loss Recovery and Adjustments
Cost Remediation Studies
Cost seg.
Bonds including and not limited to Bail Bonds

Industries We Service.

Commercial Real Estate Investment
Funeral Home
Furniture and Home Furnishing stores
Health Care
Whole Sale Trade

Contact us For a free consultation.
Address:888 Stuyvesant ave Suite 1, Irvington NJ 07111
Office:973-792-8375   Fax:973-788-1680

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